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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains


Services are currently offered virtually. However if you live in the surrounding areas of Alachua County  we can provide in home, community based services. 
Individual Therapy
 Anxiety, Burnout, Chronic Pain, Depression Grief and loss, Life Transitions , medical illness/ diagnosis, self care 
Couples Counseling
Relationship concerns, communication, Stress, In-laws, Sex, pre-marital and marriage counseling, self care
Family Therapy
Relationship concerns, Family conflict, Parenting Skills, Teens, self care
Maternal Mental Health
Infertility, traumatic birth, child loss, pregnancy, depression, postpartum, self care 

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 Families Therapeutic Guidance   

Mental Illness, Learning Differences, and Behavioral Health affects the entire family. The challenges it can bring a family is  stress, time lost at work, financial strain, primary caregiver fighting (ect..)  Treating the whole family is imperative to help the person with living with an illness. - We provide support, education, and empowerment to every member of the family. 

Butterfly's Journey team provides In-Home Therapeutic Support, Virtual and community based support to achieve, successful re-integration into the home after in-patient/residential care/ detention center/ programs and incarceration, to improve communication, healthy boundaries within the family unit, and implementation of the Family Survivor Plan.

Community Based Services 

It is important to meet the individual or family where they are at. We come to your house, or out in the community.
Coming to you allow us to give direct support as stress arise in your daily life. 


 Self Management and Life Skills 

This is an area that creates stress for many people. Butterfly's Journey supports you to determine an effective system and follow through on completely activities of daily life that may cause stress, anxiety and depression or which you avoid.  Some people may feel desperate that they may increase thoughts of suicide, criminal activities and can even break of families due to finances. We teach people to make and a utilize budget to pay and track bills. 

We also teach people to manage household task such as cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, meal planning and even meal preparation. Remember when it comes to food the more we digest healthy foods and drinks the more your mind will think clear and you will feel better mentally and physically 


Career and Education training

Experiencing productivity and fulfilling a need for purpose is an integral part of who we are as people in this society.  We help you identify appropriate education and vocational goals.  (volunteers work, part-time work, full-time work). We will work with you to develop a realistic plan to attain your goals. We provide pre-employment skills training, image, interview training, job coaching. We also support people to research apply for attend to complete any requirements.       




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