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Jazmin Roberts, M.S., LMHC


 Burn-out is real and a lot of times we do not even realize that is the problem.  When I was experiencing burn-out I had a I do not care attitude. I was tired, irritable, short tempered and everything annoyed me. I had headaches all the time, emotional eating, withdrawn  and I stated something needs to change. I knew I needed self care but was exhausted.  It was effecting my home life. 
Learning how to implement self care is so important to one's overall life. Instead of taking drastic measures let me help you establish your own bio-individual self care plan. You can be burnout with life, work, pain, chronic illness, so many doctors, kids, previous trauma

My name is Jazmin Roberts and I am Licensed Mental Health Counselor who is ready to help you find yourself again. Live the life you want and learn to balance all aspects of your life again. 
​Suffering in silence is not the answer.
Oh sweet Heart,  Jazmin is someone that everyone loves! Jazmin always offering sincere love and affection for friends, family and people who need help, making everyone see they can trust her. Because people often come to Jazmin to talk about their feelings, Jazmin have developed natural skills that make her very motivational and uplifting. Her charisma and charm makes others want to hear what she have to say, and because Jazmin truly care for others she will always be surrounded by people who want to help you succeed. 
Jazmin motto?
​“Everyone has a story to share.”  I am ready to hear yours! 


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