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Jazmin Roberts, M.S., LMHC


When was the last time you were feeling down, depressed, hopeless? Having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or sleeping too much? Feeling tired or having little energy? Not eating, eating too much, or eating when you are in your feelings? Feeling bad about yourself or that you are a failure or have let yourself or your family down? 

 When was the last time you were feeling nervous, anxious and having difficulty relaxing?

 Or worrying too much or feeling something awful may happen? Repeated disturbing memories, thoughts, or images of the stressful experience?  Repeated, disturbing dreams of the stressful experience?  Suddenly acting or feeling as if the stressful experience were happening again (as if you were reliving it)? Feeling very upset when something reminded you of the stressful experience? Having physical reactions (e.g., heart pounding, trouble breathing, or sweating) when something reminded you of the stressful experience? 

Do you or your child/teen show unexpected underachievement in some areas, but demonstrates least average ability in other areas? Do you or your child have problems in the following areas: reading (oral and silent), expressive language writing, spelling, handwriting), or math and it causes you to be embarrassed, low self-esteem, sadness anxious? Have you been bullied by others because of this? Do you or child/teen exhibit social behaviors that can interfere with learning, working, or daily living?


My name is Jazmin Roberts and I am Licensed Mental Health Counselor who is ready to help you find yourself again. Live the life you want and learn to balance all aspects of your life again. 
​Suffering in silence is not the answer.
Oh sweet Heart,  Jazmin is someone that everyone loves! Jazmin always offering sincere love and affection for friends, family and people who need help, making everyone see they can trust her. Because people often come to Jazmin to talk about their feelings, Jazmin have developed natural skills that make her very motivational and uplifting. Her charisma and charm makes others want to hear what she have to say, and because Jazmin truly care for others she will always be surrounded by people who want to help you succeed. 
Jazmin motto?
​“Everyone has a story to share.”  I am ready to hear yours! 


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